Compose Your Words

Leigh Landy

Making Music with Sounds Intellingent Arts (New York), 2014
42pp ISBN 978-0-9888896-4-4 (eBook)
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From the marketing statement: Compose Your Words is short eBook about making music with the spoken word. It’s fun. It has a history with artists through the 20th century. It’s an exciting and enjoyable way to be creative.  As Landy writes: “Think of the wide range of vocal sounds, including words, that we can use in a spoken poem. Imagine what we can do with our voice as an instrument of performance.” Landy takes you through the process of composition in a simple progressive sequence of 26 steps labelled from A to Z, some of which he created, many of which are based on works by well-known artists. He starts with simple rhythmic patterns and ends with technology and space. He writes: “I don’t want to put words in your mouths, take my words for it. I do want you to enjoy this and create.” And we, at Intelligent Arts, want everyone to enjoy and create. Send your compositions to us at We may put them online for everyone to hear.


Table of Contents

Fore word

Section 1: Getting started
A Start with something simple
B Rhyme sequences with syncopated rhythms
C Alphabet soup
D Back to the future
E The art of repetition
F She will rock you

Section 2: Some techniques
G Interpreting words
H Expansion/contraction of texts
I Replacement
J Juggling words
K Modular approach
L Take a (musical) structure

Section 3: Looking elsewhere for materials
M Music of words
N Music of ???
O Other found objects
P Foreign languages
Q Recorded vocal samples
R The odd one out

Section 4: Onward beyond the word
S Phonemes
T Non-linguistic utterances
U The 'mouth orchestra'
V The studio: montage
W The studio: sound
X The studio: voice synthesis

Section 5: Spacing out
Y A new dimension
Z Perform it anywhere

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