Devising Dance and Music: Idée Fixe

Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre

Leigh Landy

(booklet + video: Leigh Landy, Evelyn Jamieson)
Sunderland University Press (Sunderland), 2000
xvi, 78pp + 56' video ISBN: 1-873-757-68-9

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This book and video publication, the first of its kind, demonstrates the value of the devising approach to music and dance. Youth, local community groups, organisations with a special focus and professionals may find this to be an exciting way to work, one based on the special construction of creative endeavour.

The publication introduces the company Idée Fixe - Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre. The company's approach and its spectrum of activities culminates in what has been called a "flexible framework for devising" dance and music. Arguments for the relevancy of the approach are illustrated with Idée Fixe's key elements.

Intended for use within educational and arts contexts, the video includes devising process and performance recordings, interviews with students and material from rehearsals. This combined publication enables a sharing of experiences in creative and skills development that took place during two Idée Fixe residencies.

In 2005, Sunderland University Press announced that this booklet/video combination had sold out and that they had no plans for a second edition. The rights have therefore been returned to the authors. We have decided to offer the booklet's and video's contents online. The video files are rather large and download speed should be taken into account. Broadband speed is a recommended minimum given the video file sizes.



Title Pages



Devising presented in the form of a glossary

Chapter 1 - - The Company

The company and its background

How Idée Fixe works

Our work in the community

So this is what we do

Chapter 2 - The "Lottopus" Series

The theme and points of departure

"Lottopus 1" - Bridgewater Hall residency

"Lottopus 3" - South Hill Park Arts Centre residency

A final word

Appendix 1 - A Flexible Framework for Devising

Appendix 2 - Credits

Appendix 3 - Illustrations


About the Authors



ACT 1: The Lottopus Project [1.6 Gb]

INTERMEZZO: Key Company Ingredients [42 Mb]

ACT 2: Bon Voyage [432 Mb]



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