Leigh Landy

What's the Matter with Today's Experimental Music ? Organized sound too rarely heard

Harwood Academic Publishers (Chur, etc.), 1991

xiv, 308pp ISBN: 3-7186-5168-8

Experimental Music Notebooks

Harwood Academic Publishers (Chur, etc.), 1994

ix, 172pp ISBN: 3-7186-5553-5 (Hardback)

3-7186-5554-3 (Softback)

Devising Dance and Music: Idée Fixe - Experimental Sound and Movement Theatre

(booklet + video: Leigh Landy, Evelyn Jamieson)

Sunderland University Press (Sunderland), 2000

xvi, 78pp + 56' video ISBN: 1-873-757-68-9

La musique des sons / The Music of Sounds

Université Paris IV- Sorbonne

Musicologie, informatique et nouvelles technologies (MINT) -

Série Musique et nouvelles technologies no. 3, 2007

162pp ISBN: 978-2-84591-149-9

Understanding the Art of Sound Organization

The MIT Press, 2007

xiii, 303pp ISBN 0-262-12292-8

Making Music with Sounds

Routledge (New York), 2012

xv, 208pp ISBN 978-0-415-898461 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-0-415-806787 (Hardback)

Compose Your Words 

eBook – Intelligent Arts (New York), 2014

42pp ISBN 978-0-9888896-4-4

Available from Amazon, iTunes and the like

Expanding the Horizon of Electroacoustic Music

Edited by Simon Emmerson and Leigh Landy

Cambridge University Press (Cambridge), 2016

x, 407pp ISBN 978-1-107-118324 (Hardback)

Experiencing Organised Sounds: The listening experience across sound-based works

In Press:

Routledge (Abingdon), 2023

The Music of Sounds and the Music of Things

Under review: Co-author John Richards



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